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Wayward Paws was founded in March, 2006 by Tina Eck and Joan Hathaway After several years of discussion and planning a meeting was set for March 12, 2006.  With nine people at that meeting Wayward Paws was founded. With much planning, organization, commitment and help from officers, members and volunteers we continue to grow. We tirelessly work to alleviate the suffering of cats, kittens, semi -feral and feral. None of our Officers, Members or Volunteers receive any compensation for the many hours they work.


What You Can Do To Help:

  • Cat food/ Kitten food

  • Cat Litter and Cat Toys

  • Cash Donations  (for Vet bills, etc.)

  • Large Dog Crates for housing Cats/Kittens

  • Foster Homes

  • Volunteer for Committees/ Fundraising, etc.

  • Arrangements can be made to pick up any donations.